From Jim Buchholz (former Kohler - Andrae State Park Superintendent for 26 years) to Sheboygan City

From Jim Buchholz (former KAP Superintendent for 26 years) to Sheboygan City Council: From Jim Buchholz (former KAP Superintendent for 26 years) to Sheboygan City Council: "Kohler is demanding the use of the state park’s only entrance roadway to use as their own main entrance for golf course customers, employees and service/construction vehicles. In order to achieve this they propose to construct a large round-about in the sand dune area north of the park office and build paved roadways through and along the sand dunes for their private use. The park’s entrance road is already heavily used by day use visitors and overnight campers. With more than 350,000 people entering the park each year this road is already way over its intended capacity. • Kohler is also requesting a minimum of 5-6 acres of publicly –owned state park land to build their maintenance service area which will include threw separate buildings and large parking lots. This could only be accomplished by cutting down the current mature forest in that area of the park and leveling the sand dunes similar to what is planned on their own property. • This would also require a formal change of the state park’s master plan to allow the taking of state park land by a private company. Unfortunately due to behind-the-scenes political pressure, the DNR Natural Resource Board has already agreed to consider these changes at their last board meeting despite public opposition. If approved, the give-away of state park land to Kohler to build his private maintenance facility and golf course roadways will result in the destruction of this part of the park forever and prevent park visitors from using their own public land for hiking and wildlife watching. This action would certainly set a new unfortunate state precedence in private use and abuse of publicly owned state park property. Kohler's proposed reconstruction of the entrance to Kohler Andrae is below. TWO lanes are planned for the golf course entrance and ONE for park visitors. Kohler gives an example of the rotary at N. 40th and Superior in Sheboygan which is 112 ft. across with a 56 ft. radius.

PLEASE NOTE:The land Kohler is requesting was purchased with Federal Land and Water Conservation Act funds (LAWCON) in 1965, for the use and enjoyment of the public. It was not donated by the Kohler family. In order to convert this land from public to private use the applicant may provide land of equal value for the public's recreation elsewhere. This land, its rare flora and rich wildlife, cannot be duplicated. The DNR will be helping Kohler with this conversion. FBRF will follow this process carefully and notify the public of hearings and opportunities to comment.

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