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May 31, 2019


Town of Wilson Village Hall, lower level

5935 S. Business Drive, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

YOU saved this ecosystem and our state park from destruction. Let's finish the job!


May 27, 2019

The legal battles over the construction of a new Kohler golf course have reached the State Supreme Court.

The State Supreme Court has agreed to hear oral arguments in a lawsuit over the annexation of land between Sheboygan and the Town of Wilson.

Wilson leaders say that...

March 27, 2019

     "The DNR’s granting of the permit was so contrary to scientific evaluation of the threat to the environment of an extremely sensitive area of ridge and swale wetlands that it fed accusations that the decision was politically motivated." "The land... home to...

Written by: Beth Dippel, For USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
Published 9:56 a.m. CT May 18, 2018

The Black River is one of Sheboygan County’s most beautiful and historic areas. Running most of the length of the town of Wilson adjacent to Lake Michigan, Evergreen Drive is...

The hearing on FBRF's legal challenges to the DNR's approval of the Kohler Wetland Fill Permit and the Final DNR Environmental Impact Statement will take place the week of June 4-8, Mead Public Library, Sheboygan.

The hearing will last from Monday through Friday. Time...

The Town of Wilson filed suit today in Circuit Court against the City of Sheboygan for its improper annexation of Wilson land. 

Here’s the background. (see petition update below)

Herbert V. Kohler, Jr. has worked hard to create a company whose image evokes elegance, fine...

WILSON - Town of Wilson leaders are looking to halt annexation plans for a proposed luxury golf course, saying the City of Sheboygan went too far in securing the land.

The town of Wilson on Tuesday filed a civil lawsuit against the city of Sheboygan, alleging that the c...

I enjoyed John Gurda’s July 2nd article (The DNR’s small-minded move) regarding the downward spiral of an agency that once championed protection of the state’s environment and preservation of our public lands.  As an historian, Gurda is unmatched in his consensus of wh...

August 17, 2017

From Jim Buchholz (former KAP Superintendent for 26 years) to Sheboygan City Council:

From Jim Buchholz (former KAP Superintendent for 26 years) to Sheboygan City Council: "Kohler is demanding the use of the state park’s only entrance roadway to use as their own main...

August 17, 2017

Last revised: Friday October 17 2014
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The history of the area we now call John Michael Kohler and Terry Andrae State Parks is a fascinating tale of ancient seas, mountain crushing gl...

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