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Please join Friends of the Black River Forest's fight to STOP the DNR from giving our state park land to business for private profit.


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Our small grassroots group from the Town of Wilson, Wisconsin, sued the Wisconsin DNR and won. For 5 years Friends of the Black River Forest has been working to preserve through education and activism a rare, fragile Lake Michigan coastal ecosystem from the destruction of a Kohler Company golf course development. 

This is what we are fighting to prevent:

  • the DNR's unprecedented giveaway of our prime Kohler Andrae State Park acreage to the Kohler Company for a road through the park to the course, a reconstructed park entry, and a three-building maintenance complex.

  • direct and indirect impacts to environmentally significant wetlands

  • clear cutting of 160 acres of forest 

  • grading of rare dune habitat and forests

  • the risk of harming 11 endangered, threatened and species of significant concern 

  • destruction of a major migratory bird stopover 

  • elimination of at least 50% of wildlife on 247 acres adjacent to a state park

  • application of thousands of pounds of pesticides and fertilizers on a sand based shallow aquifer adjacent to Lake Michigan.

We have fought political influence, an incomplete environmental study of the impacts by a state agency, and  the division of our town by the developer's hostile annexation of  land from our Town of Wilson to the City of Sheboygan, circumventing our township's environmental review. Friends of the Black River Forest believes destroying an ecosystem is unthinkable and unconscionable at a time when the whole world is understanding the critical need for preservation of our land, air and water. 


A Wisconsin Administrative Law Judge has rescinded the Wetland Fill Permit because the state agency did not have enough information about environmental impacts to issue the permit.


Friends of the Black River Forest needs your help to intervene in Kohler's appeal.

We believe our rights as citizens are equal to those of a billionaire. No one is above the law. No one should be allowed regulatory passes to contaminate our water, land and air and take land away from the owners -- the people of Wisconsin. This is why we can't stop now.

Our brat frys, garage sales, auctions, holiday sales can only take us so far.

Please help us finance our intervention into the Kohler Company's appeal of the decision to rescind their Wetland Fill Permit.

Help us finish the job of protecting a unique ecosystem and affirming the rights of all to clean air, land and water in every part of the planet.

Order a $15 yard sign today for yourself and friends and family throughout Wisconsin.

Help us spread the word throughout the state.

All WI State Park land is at risk of being sold to
well connected companies if FBRF does not prevail in our suit against the DNR.


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